: In Adventure Playgrounds, children use hand tools to build their own play space out of salvaged materials. An Adventure Playground exists in Governor’s Island. The playground is operated by play:groundNYC, a non-profit organization “advocating for young people’s rights by providing playworker-run environments that encourage risk-taking, experimentation and freedom through self directed play.” Photo by Chat Travieso



While there are many great art education programs throughout the city, there are few examples of places where youth can just create and experiment on their own while hanging out with friends. Some elements that can attract teens include a chalkboard wall, a legal graffiti wall, musical instruments and art materials on hand, speakers to connect one’s phone and play music, computers with audio and graphics software, tools to build things, and a sprung floor for dancing. Also, the space should be beautiful and artistic, with bright colors, public artworks, attractive places to take pictures with friends, a playful and make shift atmosphere, and non-precious areas wherein youth can construct their own spaces with salvaged materials (à la Adventure Playground, but for teens).